Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Killjoys, make some noise!

Since I'm absolutely in love with My Chemical Romance's new album Danger Days, I decided to do some nails inspired by it. Most of it is taken from aspects of Party Poison's costume. I like how the Dead Pegasus turned out, the rest is okay. I was feeling kinda crampy, so I rushed it. Either way, still pretty cool.

Polishes used:
Essie, Licorice
Orly, Halley's Comet
Sally Hansen, Cherry Red
Sally Hansen, White On
Sally Hansen, Lightening
Nicole by OPI, Loyalty to Royalty
China Glaze, Atlantis
Sally Hansen, Blue Me Away!
Sinful Colors, All About You

I was messing around, and ended up putting two coats of Sinful's All About You over two coats of Nicole by OPI's Loyalty to Royalty. I thought it looked neat.

That's it for me. Hope everyone had a nice holiday!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lace nails

I've always wanted to do lace appliques on my nails, but I never have lace! I improvised by using a black mesh, glueing it on, and detailing lacey kinda patterns over it. I threw on some rhinestones to make it shiny for the holidays. I'm not totally pleased, but it's alright I guess. :)

Polishes used:
China Glaze, For Audrey
Essie, Licorice
Mesh and rhinestones

On a sad note, I tore my poor pointer finger nail almost in half.. I managed to patch it ghetto style, because I didn't want short nails for thanksgiving. :( Bah! Stupid nails. You're more trouble than you're worth sometimes. But yeah.. that's why my nail might look wonky in pictures, sorry.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Hayao Miyazaki tribute nails

I absolutely adore Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli films. Not only are they stunning works of art in my opinion, but they're very touching, relatable, and bring up important issues, especially concerning the environment. I've been wanting to do nails from one of the films for a while, so I ended up choosing three: My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, and Howl's Moving Castle. For once, I'm incredibly pleased with how these turned out, and I didn't have to redo any of them. I hope they last for a while, I love them. :)
I'm too tired to include a polish list since I used so many.. bad nail blogger, bad.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Why yes, I'm a geek.

Okay okay, after my earlier post, I somehow managed to get the inspiration and energy to do something with my poor nails. It's a bit sloppy, but it's been awhile. This is a total geek manicure; it's based on the pattern of an anime character's kimono(Sesshoumaru from Inuyasha, for those curious). Yeah yeah, I'm weird, but I always thought his kimonos were super pretty. I tacked on a pearl I got just to test the durability. My mom really loves this for some reason, haha.

Polishes used:

Sally Hansen, White On

Sally Hansen, Cherry Red

I also tried out one of my new glitters and I LOVE the results.

It was hard to get a picture, but it's quite sparkly. Reminds me of ruby slippers. That's two coats of the unnamed Wet N Wild red glitter over Cherry Red.