Friday, January 20, 2012

Pink elephants

I'm not a huge fan of these.. I whipped them out super quick in a rush for the weekend, but I ended up not liking the placement, and the plain-ness. I added some rainbow glitter, but even then.. blargh. I took these off after the pics. The elephants are kinda cute, though. I will probably redo this with a different placement/pattern style when I'm not so tired/rushed.

Polish used:
Sinful Colors, Black on Black
Milani, Gems FX
Acrylic paints

I'm wearing plain polish instead.. Essie's Lilacism with Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure over it, one of my favorite combos. Looks like an opal! I needed a break from dark colors, I think.

School's going well.. I've learned regular mani's/pedi's plus spa mani's/pedi's so far, and I got a 95 on my horrible anatomy test tonight. I'm going to start working on the floor taking client's soon.. scary, lol.

Well, as always, thanks for reading, guys! See ya next time.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bright little owls

Hi guys! Tonight's nails were inspired by the always flawless and awesome SuPa Nails whom I've always envied. Seriously, so much jealousy. I wish I was half that good with designs.

Anway.. I love owls so much. Barn owls are my favorite animal. It's been a while since I've done an owl design, so I thought heck, why not. I was going to do them all my fingers, but I got lazy and my back started hurting soooo.. just two, lol.

Sinful Colors, Black on Black
Acrylic paints

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Peacock-y pattern

Hello everyone! I'm still alive, don't worry. Been busy with school and such.. it's pretty cool so far. Lots of practicing and stuff to learn, but I'm enjoying it! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday.

I haven't really had time or the energy to do my nails, but I decided to try something relatively simple for tonight.  I wanted to practice patterns.. this is modified from a fabric pattern I found online. I thought it looked kinda peacock-y. Not bad considering I haven't been doing much nail art.

Sally Hansen, Fairy Teal / Mint Sprint
Nicole by OPI, My Lifesaver / Loyalty to Royalty
China Glaze, Classic Camel