Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Peacock-y pattern

Hello everyone! I'm still alive, don't worry. Been busy with school and such.. it's pretty cool so far. Lots of practicing and stuff to learn, but I'm enjoying it! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday.

I haven't really had time or the energy to do my nails, but I decided to try something relatively simple for tonight.  I wanted to practice patterns.. this is modified from a fabric pattern I found online. I thought it looked kinda peacock-y. Not bad considering I haven't been doing much nail art.

Sally Hansen, Fairy Teal / Mint Sprint
Nicole by OPI, My Lifesaver / Loyalty to Royalty
China Glaze, Classic Camel


  1. I thought this was stamped (Or a polish strip or foil or something)! Then I read and saw that it wasn't, and I'm that much more impressed!! I love this mani. Plus teal is my favorite color lol.

  2. That looks so good! Perfect placement and everything.

  3. This is amazing. Absolutely gorgeous and you are so talented!! :D I love the pattern and colours you used!

  4. Pretty! It's very art-deco-y.... I am also impressed that it's freehand and not a stamp or transfer or something. I wish there was a stamp version of it for those of us with less steady hands.

  5. This is super-cool! Awesome design!

  6. Holy crap! I'm in awe that this is freehand!


  7. Oh wow that looks amazing! You're really talented1

  8. You are honestly the best nail artist I've come across on the interwebs. I love all your designs and your blog is awesome! Keep up the amazing work and good luck in school!

  9. You said cock-y. Ha ha!! I love this design. Can't wait to hear more about your school adventures.

  10. I nominated you for the Cute Blog Award. :D

    I only added my blog link to show you to the page where I nominated you.


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