Sunday, December 11, 2011

Big day ahead..

Well, tomorrow is my first day of nail tech school! I'm super nervous but kind of excited. I really hope I do well and don't screw of too badly. I always had issues when it came to schooling(I'm lazy and I have a super short attention span), but I'm hoping I've gotten over it by now. Especially since I'm going for a subject matter I enjoy and am curious about.

Anyway.. my posting will probably be sporadic and not as often, at least until I get used to my school schedule.    I'm sure it'll suck up a lot of my creative time. Just thought I'd give everyone a heads up in case people start thinking I've abandoned my blog or I've disappeared or something. Wish me luck! :)


  1. Good luck so much!!! That is so wonderful that you are training in this field! :D I'd love to do that eventually.
    We understand completely about the schedule. I'm sure that you will do a great job there, as it is something you are great at and interested in. :D
    I hope you have a wonderful time, and again good luck! :D

  2. You will be fabulous at it, because you have PASSION and that is what you need in this industry. The ones who have it, survive and thrive! Those that don't, won't. Any ?? feel free to contact me OK? You Go Girl! :-)

  3. Good luck! I hope that school is really fascinating for you and that you love it and can't wait to go to class everyday. :)

  4. Congratulations! I went to nail tech school a couple years ago, and I absolutely loved it. I also have trouble focusing on "regular" school, but nail school was no problem because I'm so into everything about nails. I think you'll do just fine! I hope you have a great first day!


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