Saturday, April 27, 2013

Chains and stripes

Well, this is a fairly self-explanatory mani.. I was pretty bored and not feeling extremely creative, but I wanted something different than what I usually do. Pretty much threw whatever I grabbed from my kit onto my nails.. chains, studs, glitter, gold foil.. aaaaand it came out like this, lol. I do like the thumb and ring finger, but the rest are pretty meh. I was too tired to redo it, however. I'd probably just go for solid black next time since I cannot do stripes no matter what..

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Koi fish nails

Hello everyone! Anyone else sick of all this gross wintery weather in the middle of frickin' April? I know I am..

Anywho.. these came about because I wanted to experiment with some loose hex glitter in a different way. I thought it might make an interesting way to accent scales and make them pop, so I went with a koi fish kind of color pattern. I'm not totally happy, but they're interesting!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sunflower nails

Pretty self-explanatory.. again, this is a design I did before a while ago, and decided to revisit. I like it much better this time around. I really, really want summer to get here.. chase this chill out of my bones. Ugh.

Again, sorry I don't post regularly.. I'm still sick(ugh), and last week my boyfriend of 2 years dumped me. I haven't been in the best mood, understandably. I'm really trying to stay positive, but it's super hard right now.. sigh. I hope you all are having a better spring than I am!