Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Off off off with your head!

Another mani inspired by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.. like this a lot better than the last one! Isn't the skull cute? I snagged him from our jewelry making supplies, he was the only one in there that didn't have a matching bead. These will either be used in a photoshoot or made available for sale if anyone's interested.

Zoya, Trixie
China Glaze, Phat Santa
Loose red glitter, rhinestones, beads

Monday, November 28, 2011

Candy cane tips

Hey guys! Hope those who celebrate it had a nice thanksgiving. I had a pretty exhausting weekend so I didn't do much with my nails, but I decided to give something simple a shot tonight. I've been really into bare nails with a designed tip for some reason.. go figure.  Anyway, this is a little sloppy because I kept coughing and making my lines wobbly, but it's not too bad I guess. Definitely something I'm considering for Christmastime!

Sinful Colors, Snow Me White
Sally Hansen, Polar Bare / Gilty Pleasure
China Glaze, Phat Santa
Red loose glitter

I start school pretty soon.. December 12th.. eek! I'm super nervous, but I hope it all goes well.

Until next time.. thanks for reading, guys! :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Nail polish rings!

Hi guys! No nails this time, though they're currently looking lovely with Zoya's Trixie.

I got bored the other night and rooted around my mom's jewelery and crafting supplies, where I found some glass cabochons. I remember seeing nail polish jewelry on etsy before, and I thought hey, I could do that. It was so easy! I just picked a color, painted the back, sealed it, and attached it to a ring base with a super strong epoxy. These are test rings to see how well they wear, but I might make some more when I order different settings.. I just had these lying around so it's what I used(I love huge rings lol). The red is Barielle's Elle's Spell, which I think looks stunning.. it's so deep and catches the light wonderfully. The aqua is the new version of Sinful's Nail Junkie, which also catches the light beautifully.

What do you think.. keep experimenting with different settings and colors?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Snowflake half-moons

Hello everyone! I'm still suffering from a miserable cold.. ugh. It just won't go away no matter what I do. Super annoying. Anyone else been sick lately? Tis the season.

Anyway.. I decided to get some practice in for the wintery season ahead, and decided on some bare half-moons with a snowflake design. I had to freehand the moons since I'm out of stickers, so they look a little off..  circles have never been my friend.

Sinful Colors, Snow Me White
Pure Ice, French Kiss
Orly, Halley's Comet
Sally Hansen, Gilty Pleasure

I snagged Revlon's Facets of Fuchsia and Sinful's newer version of Nail Junkie last week, too.. I'm in love with both! I need to think of something fun to do with them.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ming vase design, take two..

I've done a ming dynasty vase mani before, and I think that one turned out better than this one. To be fair, I have a pretty nasty cold right now so being a perfectionist was not on my mind tonight, lol. Anyway.. just the combo of the bright blue with the white is appealing enough for me, so I'm not too upset with how it turned out. I could've done a better job not coughing every five seconds, though.. ugh.

Sinful Colors, Snow Me White
Pure Ice, French Kiss
Sally Hansen, Polar Bare

Nyquil time for me.. see ya next time!