Monday, November 28, 2011

Candy cane tips

Hey guys! Hope those who celebrate it had a nice thanksgiving. I had a pretty exhausting weekend so I didn't do much with my nails, but I decided to give something simple a shot tonight. I've been really into bare nails with a designed tip for some reason.. go figure.  Anyway, this is a little sloppy because I kept coughing and making my lines wobbly, but it's not too bad I guess. Definitely something I'm considering for Christmastime!

Sinful Colors, Snow Me White
Sally Hansen, Polar Bare / Gilty Pleasure
China Glaze, Phat Santa
Red loose glitter

I start school pretty soon.. December 12th.. eek! I'm super nervous, but I hope it all goes well.

Until next time.. thanks for reading, guys! :)


  1. Good luck with School! I am going to do a candy cane themed mani here pretty soon, these are lovely.

  2. These got me in the mood for the season and definitely inspired me. I am going to try these this season! thanks hope you feel better

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