Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Off off off with your head!

Another mani inspired by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.. like this a lot better than the last one! Isn't the skull cute? I snagged him from our jewelry making supplies, he was the only one in there that didn't have a matching bead. These will either be used in a photoshoot or made available for sale if anyone's interested.

Zoya, Trixie
China Glaze, Phat Santa
Loose red glitter, rhinestones, beads


  1. Eeee, love it! I love this video... I'd love to do a makeup look with a glittery neck because of this video but I do not haz the time or photography skills to make it worth it.

  2. Very cool!! This was very well done!

  3. Love this mani! What sort of tips did you use to do these?

  4. @skelehart:
    Thank you! I just used regular, typical fake nail tips and filed them down to a pointier finish.


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