Monday, April 30, 2012

Gradient experimentation

Hey guys! Two simple gradient experiments from this weekend.. the top one was done by layering the polish in stripes on a makeup sponge, while the bottom was done using a brush and diluting the darker color with clear polish to create a gradual gradient(the Madeline Poole technique, I believe). Both give different results, as you can see. The brush technique is more subtle. The makeup sponge technique needed more blending and layering to make it as bright as I wanted it. I like them both! I topped the blue with Zoya Maisie and it looks even better, thought my camera doesn't show it well.

I got lots of compliments on both. I did my mother's nails as well with a triple blue gradient as she said she had people stopping here everywhere to look at her nails, haha.

I'm also happy to announce that this week is my last week of school.. my final exam is today, then I have 3 practicals this week. Thursday, I'm all done and will be certified! After that it's just a matter of passing the state boards and getting my license. Exciting stuff. I want to thank everyone for being so patient and sticking around through my schooling.. I know I haven't updated much at all. You guys are great for all the support and encouragement I've received.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Red rose nails.. rawr.

Hey guys! Tonight was my school's fashion show.. the theme was Grimm's Fairytales. One of students was doing Rose Red for a model, and asked me to do the nails for it. It was really fun! It was neat to play around with extreme length and acrylic sculpting.. they're just fake nails that I extended with long tips, blended, painted, then sculpted over with acrylic for the roses. That ring is one of my polish rings I made, too.

We didn't place, but it was still fun. They seemed to be a hit at the show with everyone who saw them. Can't wait to play around more!