Monday, April 16, 2012

Red rose nails.. rawr.

Hey guys! Tonight was my school's fashion show.. the theme was Grimm's Fairytales. One of students was doing Rose Red for a model, and asked me to do the nails for it. It was really fun! It was neat to play around with extreme length and acrylic sculpting.. they're just fake nails that I extended with long tips, blended, painted, then sculpted over with acrylic for the roses. That ring is one of my polish rings I made, too.

We didn't place, but it was still fun. They seemed to be a hit at the show with everyone who saw them. Can't wait to play around more!


  1. Those are amazingly beautiful! How long did they take you?

  2. @Tera:
    I took one night to piece the nails together and shape them, another to paint them, and another to sculpt and do the rhinestones. I had to spread it out since I had other projects to do.


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