Thursday, March 29, 2012

Blue and white china design, take.. 3?

Hi guys! First off, sorry for not being around much.. having a lot of drama at school. :/ Wish I could go into it but I can't. Second.. I don't know why this picture uploaded like that, because it sure as hell wasn't saved that way but I can't fix it! Edit: HA I FIXED IT.

Anyway.. yet another blue/white china design. I do these a lot. This one is slightly messy and quick because I was tired. I still love the bright, clean combo of colors though.

This is probably going to be my last nail art for awhile.. I had to get acrylics put on by another student. :( I hate them. They're so thick and weird and blargh. I want my poor natural nails back. They're coming off as soon as a graduate in a few weeks.


  1. Very pretty! Sorry to hear about the acrylics!!

  2. These are great! Sorry about drama!

  3. I understand about getting nails put on during class to give everyone a chance to learn but I don't understand why you have to keep them on. My fav nail is your thumb. It makes me think of an artsy ocean...


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