Monday, January 17, 2011

I fight for the users.

I've always enjoyed TRON, and I finally got around to seeing TRON:Legacy tonight. What it lacked for in plot, it made up with insane graphics and quite possibly the best soundtrack EVER. Seriously, it was awesome. Screw what the critics say. I love mindless, pretty entertainment. That being said, I got inspired and threw these together pretty quick when I got home. They're pretty messy, but I need to invest in a new brush, mine's kinda beat.. anyway, I thought they were kinda neat. I went over the blue/orange with glow in the dark polish, so they glow too!

Yeah, I'm a geek. Y'all should know this by now.


  1. I've only watched the first half of Tron. :( But these look spot on...are you going to get the ChG Tronica polishes?

  2. This is awesome. I love to see a post on what you use with your nail art!

  3. @Rachel:
    Thanks! Once I get new brushes I'll do a post on what I generally use for nail art.

    Tron is so amazing, you should finish it! I want a couple of the Tronica polishes, mainly the teal/purple ones. So pretty.


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