Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Piet Mondrian inspired nails

Pretty self explanatory in the title, there. I didn't feel well today so I went for simple.. and even then, they didn't turn out as nice as I wanted. But still, not bad. I always liked the nice and abstract color block look on nails.

Sally Hansen, White On/Lightening/Cherry Red
Essie, Licorice
Pure Ice, French Kiss

Currently getting hammered by a blizzard.. snowdrifts are blocking everything. Crazy. Doubt anyone's going to work tomorrow!


  1. Love it how you say these were simple for you and I would find them way too hard to even contemplate!!

  2. They're amazing, I love them.


  3. This is awesome. Another great design :)I'd love to see how you did this. It looks so neat!

  4. are beautiful!
    I love, I think that soon I will also design


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