Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sugar skull nails

Hello again. I wasn't planning on doing my nails, but I was bored and in a rather bad, depressed mood tonight, so I needed to focus on something else for a while. I decided to practice some sugar skulls, because my mother has been making a lot of sugar skull related jewelery lately. Much improved based on my last design, in my opinion. I'm sorry the pictures aren't so wonderful.. my camera just doesn't seem to take close-up shots well anymore. It's pretty old, actually. Oh well.

Anyway.. not totally happy with them, but I suppose I'm glad to be doing nail art again. Gotta practice more!

I'll edit the colors I used in tomorrow.. it's late and I'm a sleepy nail artist.


  1. wow they're so detailed! love them x

  2. I think they turned out great, love them!

  3. OMG, are you kidding!! Freaking awesome!! I so wish I could do nail art, but I'm totally boring.

  4. I love the detailing! These are so awesome~


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