Tuesday, May 22, 2012

White on black lace tips

Hey guys! Simple junk. My nails broke right before I had to go to a wedding last saturday, so I went ahead and put acrylics on myself. Not a fan of acrylics, but they did the job and I thought they looked pretty nice. These are black tips with white lace inlaid in the acrylic. A little subtle for me. I loved the shape.. though I couldn't do anything since they were so long, haha.

Ugh.. I got in a terrible accident on thursday, the day after I put these on. It was really, really bad.. lucky I'm alive bad. I have some nasty bruises, bad back problem, and of course, I hurt my hand. It's getting better, but it hurts if I use too much pressure so I can't grasp things properly. It's been rough since I can't do nails, which, you know.. main source of income. It's been getting better, so hopefully by the end of this week I'll be able to work properly again. You never really appreciate your thumb until you can't use it, you know..


  1. Just found your blog today through a Pinterest link. Love your designs and creativity. Sorry to read that you had an accident. Sending you some good thoughts and energy for speedy healing.

  2. Stay strong, and rest those hands so they can heal up!

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