Friday, January 18, 2013

Classic snakeskin

Alright, I'll admit it.. I'm getting a little addicted to snakeskin. I can't help it, it just looks so neat. I really, really wish I had a better camera, because they look so sick in real life. Sigh. Oh well.

I might do a tutorial on this look since people elsewhere seemed interested when I posted it.


  1. I'm going to vote for YES, tutorial PLEASE! These are some of the coolest looking snakeskin nails I've seen, and I'd love to know how to do them myself. :)

    Also, just FYI if you don't know, you have captcha on for comments. I only mention because a lot of bloggers seem to not have realized it's automatic unless you turn it off.

  2. I sigh as well :-) This is so good, it has a 3d effect on it!


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