Monday, October 4, 2010

So long summer

I couldn't resist and had to use my new polish. I wanted something bright and cheery since it's been cold and gray here this week. I used Essie's Haute As Hello as the base and I looooooooooove it! It's such a gorgeous cheery color. As with all Essie pastel's I have, it needed 3 coats, but application wasn't as bad as usual. I used Essie's Turquoise & Caicos, and Mint Candy Apple for the accents, plus some yellow acrylic paint. Really simple for me, I know. I just don't have the energy for complicated nails all the time!

Like my rings? I got the big butterfly at a convention in Atlanta, at a booth with lots of weird rings. I loved how over the top it was. The one on my thumb belonged to my grandmother. It's set with a real moonstone. It has a matching bracelet but I never wear it, sadly. Anyway, enjoy!

Also.. if anyone can get me a bottle of Milani's Dress Maker, I'll trade/pay you for it. It's like a fucking unicorn around here.


  1. you can enter this contest to win dressmaker

    just comment on the post and you are entered to win.


  2. If you have the money, Just get a Chanel Jade. It's seriously the same thing. XD Or I could check my local Sally's for it. If I find it (and buy it) I'll contact you. (Sorry for really late comment!)


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