Friday, October 15, 2010

Sugar Skulls

Experimenting with halloweenish stuff once again.. I love sugar skulls. I have one sitting on my nightstand right now. They're just so pretty and fun looking. And my mom really loves them too, so I decided to give them a shot. I'm not entirely happy with them, but I needed the practice since I've been slacking lately. I need new brushes! Argh. Oh, they also glow in the dark, but I couldn't get a picture, sadly.

Polishes used:
Sally Hansen, White On
Essie, Haute As Hello
Essie, Lilacism
Essie, Mint Candy Apple
Sally Hansen, Lightening
Sally Hansen, Blue Blast
Sally Hansen, Lively Lilac
Essie, Licorice
Sally Hansen, Mint Sprint
OPI, Who The Shrek Are You?
Sinful Colors, Cloud 9
Red acrylic paint

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